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I am a writer

I am a writer. I remember places and trees more than anniversaries and I think it’s fine. As I find you fascinating not those numbers like when we met and how much you feel. I would smell your aroma more than strawberries and that when you’ll know I am intrigued. Your touch I will feel even when you leave as I am a writer I could bring back memories.

Remembering your every story, I would be writing our conversations in my head because that’s what I recall when you sleep. Plants, when I see them, makes my heart happy and satisfied as they are greener than my life and I feel emotionally weak. I do cry at everything, as I couldn’t control my sentiments and pour them in pages afterwards.

So whenever I say I am a writer remember I am showing you myself. I am Art too and art should be displayed to people who value it a bit more than the Artist himself.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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