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Sadden my soul

My ghungroos does make a similar sound,

While I dance in the rhythm of my own. 

So why did I feel disheartened when you left me alone? 

My tears won’t come back home as they wanna stay with nature, 

That I felt would be brutal and discomforting to my heart,

But it isn’t as I feel more livable here.

 Have you seen those stars expressing my love for you, 

Are now faded and gone! 

Someday I will be gone to and you’ll never reach my life, 

All the clouds would hide me, you’ll be there raining with your essence. 

I won’t draw you in my painting,

 neither my musings would be dedicated to you, 

You’ll be an unheard word, no misery engraved,

no sentiment that can sadden my soul. 

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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