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Magic Wand

Have you seen those stars in the sky,

That’s what I want on my carpet.

Why do you feel that I don’t have dreams?

I carry them in my fantasies.

When I was 9 I tried collecting memories,

I thought one day I’ll be yearning to relive them,

And if I can’t, I will be left heartbroken.

My grandmother wore that scarf,

I kept it in my cupboard full of handicrafts.

I never dreamt of a big house I know,

Nothing materialistic mattered to my tale show.

I kept dreaming about love, happiness and satisfaction,

Dreamt about becoming somebody’s admiration.

I now dream about mystic more,

Inscribing the moon on my floor.

With trees and plants making stair I would walk,

I dream of something unusual that I will someday possess.

With my magic wand! 

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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