You don’t have to stay there where you don’t belong.

I don’t believe in love as it is gone.

When the creeping sound doesn’t make me fall,

My morning does start with a wolf howl.

I do roam around places in my head,

And then wander around as somebody else.

The one who made me all broken into pieces.

Still standing tall as the trees of my city,

A small town where big dreams meet actuality.

I learned from here that you should let things be,

And if they go your way, it’s the magic of reality.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


8 replies on “Reality”

Thank you so much, sir! So kind of you to share your opinion. Thanks for appreciating me. I feel very blessed after knowing that you liked my writing. ❤ You made my day!

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Hello ray , i have read only a few of your posts here on wordpress and i already know that you are a very special talented writer, i look forward to reading more as the days and weeks go by , thank you for sharing your thoughts and poems here, i want you to know that i really appreciate them 🙏

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