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It’s okay

I don’t want love anymore. The kind which drowns you and never let you live. A bird in a cage would be the worst thing happening.

So dear me,

The one who’s been unlucky from the very beginning. JUST BREATHE. For once forget that affection you never wanted in your life but was there. Forget the love you bestowed to everyone but not yourself. FORGET. People are trying to dominate your presence, but your standing still is incredible. When you see yourself in the mirror every morning you find yourself happy. Day by day, years by years I’ve seen you grow from bud to bloom and it’s beautiful.Everything does happen for a reason. And sometimes the reason is your happiness and it’s okay too.

People who are written in your tale by the almighty will remain there and will come closer to you and your folks. So be comfortable with what you feel as the feelings don’t last eternally. They’ll leave you’ll see that nothing in this world would be lasting. You’ll understand that I don’t want love anymore and that’s okay too.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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