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Bitter reality


I know it’s hard to digest but for me being a piece of meat isn’t a compliment. I discovered at a very young age that a flower when grown in your garden, needs to be taken care of like a baby in your womb.

We should never pluck somebody’s blossom.

When I see gazes on me while I walk wearing something reveal I feel naked. Why is it so hard for me to be a gender which is now said to be empowered equally?

Requirements they said should be fulfilled to get married were –

Cooking, cleaning and pureness,

A prettier face, white skin and no cuts no blotches.

What about the elegance within?

What will I do with the beauty that’s nothing?

Am I a piece of bread you want fresh?

I am a moon that gleams in your dark sky,

With scars that are undefined.

With emotions that are required to be a human,

I want a place where I could breathe, not a cage to survive.

Why do I have to be someone I wasn’t meant to be.

To all the girls who think they aren’t enough, you are emotional, you are talented, art that wasn’t showed to the world because of somebody who was insecure about you and that’s not fine. Don’t you think that your beauty is undefined, life is beautiful just when the moon shines.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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