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What if one day you’ll find that I am as usual like Vanilla? I wish I could make you see that I ain’t a magician, I am more like a mysterious being. After coming closer you’ll see some people and characters are hiding within me. Some of them have stories that they didn’t reside in and characters they once hide.

Creatures that we human killed, people who were slain by their family. I am not just a human being I am a country when it comes to speaking about justice and her who was assassinated. I am a whole community speaking about their rights LGBT.

Every bit of me is a piece of paper writing with the ink of their blood which they cried from within. I could see myself as a girl who didn’t get what she wished for, the bare minimum they could give to her. Education before marriage was what she would prefer. With no choice, she was sent to a place filled with dirty human. I see myself as a rape victim who suffered and never given justice, just because the man was a politician.

I see myself as a woman whose kid was murdered just because she served her nation. A bird with no cage, and a book that was appreciated. I see myself as an object sometimes, that was thrown into the garbage. I am what I write. I do suffer daily too. With no character who faced things, but by writing has lived few.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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