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Ask For Help

I knew it wasn’t easy, neither

there was somebody else who could deal with it.

I knew I could do so much better on my own.

So I left myself alone, to be my own home.

See what I made of myself,

there is nothing so beautiful with dents.

Crying so loud that I break every glass keeps,

they asked me to live within.

But now I want to ask you for help,

I am tired of living with myself.

I scream I laugh, I whimper like a human,

In the eyes of my beloved, I live.

So when I ask you to help me, you stay!

Some people left me in the path alone,

Some stayed, showed me how I am composed.

But never did they realised I am not happy, I am not fine,

There are tears suppressed to express the damages,

And nobody understood that I need them the most.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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