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Too far

When you came towards me,

Remember that I told you to leave.

I wanted to be set free from the prison,

I put myself in, locked it up and made it my dwelling,

thought it was enough for me to live.

There was nothing within, you told me to embrace,

I believed in you, little did I knew I was losing.

Why did you hold my brush when I was painting?

Why my work of art looked like a trap to you?

Why did you assume that I was worsening?

Now that you come near, I could see you from my sky,

Holding compassion I once held for you in my arms.

Crying seeing me far away, I beg you to evacuate.

I am too far to see, I am too far to be with you,

Remember when I told you to leave,

before you I left because I wanted to be free.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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