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With nothing, I flee.

That day when I was crying in front of you, those tears weren’t of guilt but love that I once had for myself. I then screamed “I’m a good human being” I wasn’t telling that to you but myself. Not to hide all those things I said to you while I was angry, but to again remind you of the love that I once had.

I wasn’t ready to be the human you wanted me to be, I swear. I wasn’t meant to be caged, so I flew away. All these years do you know what I learned? That thing that isn’t worth giving you, should be left undone without having a second view.

Those tears weren’t to show you how much I needed you, those tears were the last goodbye, the last emotion, the last thing I had for you. Every bit of it screamed what I wanted, but couldn’t possess. I love with the whole of me, but with nothing, I flee.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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