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People change

You should know, that people change and it’s true. 

No, they don’t have any affection with you,

There is an attraction hidden in their love

Remember humans crave things they don’t possess.

I say you are elegant, even when I don’t you are,

as I don’t want you to go back to things,

That keeps breaking your heart!

When you feel it’s over, you should realise,

Many people are worth you, and they will do whatever,

To keep you in their garden!

I’ve seen me crying, over something that was not even mine!

I shattered but see where I am, smiling at everything lame.

And it’s beautiful the way you move,

Love that should be admired,

is the one that you have for yourself,

Cause people do change in the end,

And that’s when you understand!

That you are worth it, that you’ll be worth it,

Diamond when carved becomes more valuable.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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