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Whipped cream

I am a giver, I never asked for love to come back to me,

Even when I realised it ain’t that hard to give.

I do my chores, sit on the floor

To welcome them in a place they feel at home.

That’s my body, isn’t no flesh,

I try to put my emotions over everyone else.

I realise every day and back, I am a giver,

I share myself with everyone,

I never asked love to come back.

And here we are with other people’s in my backyard,

Should I scream or yell or be the giver of my throne.

Even when I bestow my crown

to somebody when they yearn for,

I’ll be satisfied with the quirk I did.

As I am a giver, I don’t expect things to go my way,

I only wish to give as I have no love lacking in my essence.

The way they leave me, they feel guilty,

Of leaving me behind like a history.

I won’t give it to them, doesn’t mean I am lacking it,

I have a bucket full of heart coated with whipped cream.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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