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You are my art

Your eyes are the only thing I wanna see,

As I am reminiscing about them to help myself.

I see you like some view, I will admire all my life,

Pure as the woods and falling like leaves,

I know I will keep up with you,

even when your eyes will be pouring.

Emotions that are hidden, yet I can see,

I’ll be sitting right beside your sea.

As you are the idea that I want to write my soul,

You are a work of art, you are all that I want,

The way you roll your eyes I feel blessed,

You are different I am glad that you are not easy.

How much can I admire, I ask myself,

People changes but I’ll be the same to you.

I’ll be quiet, I’ll be simple, cause I don’t have emotions,

All I see people as a work to be done,

but I see you as my Art!

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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