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Bruised hands

Many people come into our life. Some cherish your beauty, some see the scars. You never stop shining whenever it’s dark. When the darkness surrounds you, you become more glorious that’s what the moon does. People leaving is a part of life. You can cry, you can scream but never stop. The moon does come in the night for showing people how to glow. Even when the surrounding is dark, there are stars.

He shows paths. When it’s twilight to the lovers, remember how the moon gleams with the sun’s light. He knows that love is not just to give but to take. Things that are important in a connection. I want to be “The Moon”.

Beautiful, intense and optimistic. It’s life, the way it shows what is good for us is fascinating. Every night you’ll see things you never wanted to suffer from, but it’s worth happening. Fine if it hurts you. The sun will help you heal the very next morning.

I too want to be “The Sun”. Brighter, giving and not easy to look at. When I see my people, I turn warm. With the love, they hold for me in their heart and their sleeves. To bestow it whenever I crave for. The moon has the sun’s light they say, I wanna be a lover like a sun. In the twilight, I’ll become the light just to make him shine. As I become a devote when in love. But I want to be harsh too, I’ll be very hard to look at, I won’t show you the things hidden within myself easily. There’s a side, I am trying to protect.

I wanna be me more than anything because he created me with his bruised hands. I am his sun and his moon. Somehow I’ll glow.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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