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The way she thinks

I’ve seen her grow into a woman who cared about everything. Crying over the massive junk people threw at her and gracefully laughing at them. Looking at her eyes keeps me thinking that where would I be if the world would be getting in my way every time I try to extinguish the flames.

My anger issues have been fine these days, maybe toxicity has fled from my life. Or maybe I don’t care anymore. But when I see her I know she cares. About the little details on her face, those scars invade and about everything that’s usually not okay. I can feel her, by just glancing. Why is she not happy with her life?

She’s been a great daughter, a great human but not a great communicator I believe. Communication in life is key to know yourself before knowing about anybody else. When you speak, you hear yourself before anybody else. Your every word comes as your representative. I’ve seen her babbling about her life too. A woman who wants good for everybody, but not at her cost.

Why is it so much hard for us to understand? A person who has a good heart usually have drawbacks. I see my anger in her too, these flames are much intensive than mine. I better help her before her soul dies.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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