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I’ve understood that life is very unfair for everybody when it comes to showing what you love and how you love. Some things when loved discloses what you deserve and some show you that your love is not worthy enough. I being a lover knows how these emotions of others don’t matter. What matters is you. The way you love.

My love is something that makes me a different human being as there is something so pure in it, that it doesn’t just make somebody feel loved but it strikes me as well. That sentiment I have for somebody reflect on me as well. I become almost a different person. Like a bird kept in a cage which she builds herself. For me, it’s beautiful too. But till when could I stay in that cage? I think not more than a month or two.

I when in love don’t care about myself and that’s the worst thing of all. I somehow become my last priority. The mirror doesn’t attract me the way it does, as all of a sudden, I don’t feel intrigued by myself but my lover. These days I am more smitten myself, I know if I fell in affection again, it will be all about my betrothed. I don’t to be in love again, as it pulls me from me and throws it in a garbage bin which is full of disrespect and misery.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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