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A perfect trio

When I was little my father used to play “Damru” for me, and I use to dance to his beats for hours. He always tells me that there is no such thing as being guilty of something you haven’t committed. I feel that’s what I’ve learnt from him. He knows I have opinions and he never suppressed them to be acceptable in society. He never cares about how I talk and put myself in front of people who could hurt me or make me feel disgusting about the way I think. Seeing how he doesn’t care about these aspects, I never care about them either .

If your people don’t care about what people think, you never have to work about them. You are a flower in his garden, so if you wither his garden will get spoiled not theirs. So when he doesn’t care about how you withered, nobody else sould.

When I see him I feel so proud as I’ve never seen some man being this lovable. Every girl dreams about a boy exactly like their father. Who pampers them, care for them and love them unconditionally. Little do we know that unconditional love is just bestowed by God. I somehow knew that life is a big mess and the only person who’ll stick beside you to clean the mess, is your family. Family is not just your mom and dad, it’s also the people you choose to be with and die for and the one who feels the same for you. Choose wisely.

Or else I’ll be dancing to his beat alone until someone dance with together.

A perfect trio it will be.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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