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I don’t believe in love anymore

Here am I hiding emotions with a smile on my face,

I don’t want anyone in my space.

This bird creeps in the morning

to wake me up from a bad dream.

I crave you even when you overlook my feelings.

I don’t believe that you loved me once,

Even when you’ll convey it standing in front of me.

I left you as I was deadly to you,

Seeing you deal with it, is hazardous to my soul.

You held me and I thought it would be forever,

But you are over it, and I am not the same.

The worst things happen, when you are alright,

I lose my temper and at times I want you back.

See that rainbow in my sky, is still hiding

Not happy but I am smiling.

Just don’t come back to my dwelling,

As I don’t believe in love anymore.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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