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Attention to yourself.

I see myself in the mirror and understood that I am still my before him, see here is why I want to be alone. I am wearing a pink dress, I am wondering if Cinderella had her space. What has she done in her life, no chasing people who are worth it? I imagine how these fairytale princesses would have done without the love of their life.

Pretty amazing I guess. The one I saw today was holding her husband hands, she was 20 I guess. So little to understand how many times she’ll have to leave her shell to please. Those stars in her eyes would be broken after watching reality.

No love isn’t wrong I say. Chasing is. Why search for somebody, God has made for you.

Till then make yourself the centre of attention. Maybe this time I would write a fairytale in which first you’ll complete your dreams and then you’ll meet your knight in shining armour.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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