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I believe that in this era, people are just saddened by the things that aren’t worth enough to get sad about. Why do we have so many expectations from everyone, I don’t understand why? Why do we feed somebody and expect our lives to be happy and prosperous all of a sudden? Why we try to make others feel that we are happy when we are shattered and broke. To all these questions I have an answer – “ these days people do good when things aren’t right in their life”.

You ask him to help you in return for the good you do to someone and when in return you don’t get what you asked for, you blame him. When I see people helping someone, I don’t see any humanity and that hurts my heart.

Why do we water efflorescence just that it fragrant our home?

I want you to water it, for it to exists. To let it bloom happily. Is it so much to ask for? When you do something even when you are getting nothing in return and you are fine with it. Then he’ll bless you without asking for what work is it to be done.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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