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Heart made of gold

Do you know what it feels like to lose yourself to keep somebody? It feels like a feeling I never want to feel. Like choosing between thunderstorm and earthquake. Everybody knows both are deadly. So when I chose you over me, I was broken. Cutting my wings wouldn’t be my first choice you knew from the first. Yet I let myself burn just to make you loosen up.

Where was my self-love I think now? Was it gone just because of an infatuation so strong? Was I so much intrigued by somebody that my obsession with myself was lost and now I feel guilty about losing myself over someone who wasn’t worthy of me?

I value myself much more than I could have the worth of somebody else. In the mirror when now I see, I see a goddess which was within. Adoring myself as these battles I had with me were real, I knew from the beginning there was nothing beautiful other than self-love. Even when I lost myself before, I am lucky that I am back. Time taught me what it is to be a girl having a heart made of gold.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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