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Hey Riya

The one who falls every time dad asks her to walk. These scrapes you got are nothing in comparison to the ones you’ll be getting after 12 years. Stop whimpering! – 2

You are looking beautiful in this dress. Maybe you should add some hairband to carry what you are wearing more gracefully and please stop telling everybody what to do. You are just 4. – 4

Are you still trying to figure out why people think you are different? You aren’t unpleasant my kid, you are just rare. – 10

Why are you so scared of walking on the road? They won’t hurt you, I swear. Some people are good, there isn’t everything bad in the world. Trust me you’ll find it soon. -13

See how he smiles looking at your face. You don’t have to open his eyes every time he tries to sleep. He will stay with you for a long time. You are his soulmate, my child. Even if his body leaves your side, his soul will remain in your heart. Grandpa loves you a lot. – 14

He isn’t worth your tears my love. People come, people go, you chose to stay with people who are good for you. You can’t just be with someone who says he loves you. There is so much love in the world that you’ll be fondled soon. Till then I will only ask you to wait. You are not lonely, you are just bored. -16

I know you are so much confused about your life. Breathe. The only solution for everything is to let things be. Do you know everything is not in our hands to be done? I want you to step back for a month. Everybody has their struggle and you are not the only one who is clueless. Give yourself some time. Panicking isn’t a solution always. – 18

You won’t cry I know. He is with you for sure. Looking at how beautifully you’ve handled his vacating your home. He was a blessing my girl. Remember he would be proud to see you. Love isn’t just about a lover you know, some souls made you glow. Cherish their existence when they are with you and cherish their presence even when they’ll go. -20

I love you – 21

By Ray


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