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My sunshine

Say you are missing me, partly in your eyes,

Yet fully when no one hides your lies.

In the summer, holding up me,

Say you wanna be with me again, dying without my hands.

I said you to be delighted, comforted with the love I gave,

Wasn’t I sufficient?

was there something I could do from my end?

No, you were just insecure being with a girl who showed her possession,

Commitments are hard to be in, so you ask me to move on,

See I am happy and unrestricted,

I am my sunshine, I am a view.

Look I am still that gorgeous, you overlook,

Be there where I left you and yearn for me

I won’t come back, you won’t see me

craving for you or your reverence.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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