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Were you drinking while I was walking down the street,

Looking like a masterpiece, I saw you I felt a tickle on my heart.

Maybe I shouldn’t sound so obsessive over a person

Where have you gone without me, I searched for you everywhere

even across the bridges you made from our friendship.

Here to the earthquake that happened in my life,

Changed the aspects and wanted me

to act like nothing ever happened.

Where would I go without your desire?

How would I survive without your fire?

Have you figured out how we’ll be meeting

in the land where there would be no love in the atmosphere.

Surely you’ll be cursing the earthquake

that you thought there wasn’t.

I’ll be laughing at that situation, still holding your hand,

Cause the obsession over a human won’t end

Even if the earthquake didn’t happen.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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