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The last option a human could think of,

I who suffered from things that were so much to be taken

never thought of ending life, for some demon.

I tried to make it beautiful for me,

so till the end, I could survive.

There is no reason to be guilty, the

Things a human do you are jotted

down somewhere in his book undue.

Live, as people here are so much better,

Nightmares are mere somewhere.

There is so much light to get mesmerised,

It’s okay to be a victim than to be the one doing unfair,

Be a victim, not a sufferer,

live for yourself as it wasn’t worth your tears.

I know those scars get engraved in your soul,

Remember you are influential as a whole.

Better to be comfortable with your body,

Accepting yourself is required,

Before getting accepted by society.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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