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Abandon my glow

No man will be ever craved by my soul anymore, nor will I fall in love again. Here’s a promise my heart asked me to do. I who have so much love to give will never be vacant inside but I want myself to give that affection now to me. These petals are my property and I don’t want to lose any of them to somebody who doesn’t even care if my flower also possesses thorns and stem along with the petals.

Likewise, I don’t want somebody to hold me either. An independent soul doesn’t let it possess by somebody who wants charisma. I want them to feel my thorns as if they belong to them and do hold me tightly even after knowing that I could harm them. Every human being understands that connections do have flaws too. There is a downpour before the rainbow and it’s okay. Crying, hurting, consoling is also a part of it, and it will come along with love, affection and sharing. Unless you don’t want it to be as genuine.

I want you to have that connection with yourself. Breathe what’s bothering you. Realise that there is nothing worthy of you than your soul. Have whatever is coming to you, and understand that he gave hurdles to the one who is capable of facing them.

I will not be a lover of the one who only wants my brightness to illume their home. I want to be in the arm of the one who could silently love me when I abandon my glow too.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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