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Empty nights

I don’t want to be here where you left me,

Why are these empty nights horrifying me?

I’ve seen you more closely than I see this moon,

Prayed for you even when I knew it was too soon,

To fall in love with somebody unknown.

I don’t wish for your presence in my life,

Every time I remember us, I feel abandoned,

But come closer and see where I am today.

Why is it so awful to be disconnect from someone,

With the one with whom we jotted our whole life.

Distance is there and it feels like your love,

Just was poured out of my glass, it feels like a nonentity.

The moments I thought were mine,

was life telling me I would be fine.

Still, these empty nights are horrifying me,

I am standing unaccompanied to withstand.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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