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Where am I?

When you jotted down my love for you, where was I? Was I in those words of wisdom or the tears in your eyes. In the ashes that you once said were mine, I search for myself. Things have changed now, that’s what unpredictability is all about I guess.

These clouds are here to devote how decisive I have become. They knew that young girl who was once fighting for love. Yes, they were there falling for us. No, the downpour is not happening today, I guess they have stopped too. Crying for somebody is as usual for them, like me. They have now ended up, maybe they didn’t get the fondness they expected for. Expectations sometimes kill.

Yes, sometimes they make you somebody who seems to be ill. Have I not mentioned that I am now a free bird, but that doesn’t mean I would shit on everybody who feels unloved.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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