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Where was I who dealt with the storm?

Was my consent not worthy at all?

The time he raised a question,

why do I have to ask you for everything that’s mine,

She lost her body, as the knot was tied.

The ugly truth of the relationships,

there was no love but craving.

Craving for something that everybody owns,

Pathetic how he calls himself a divine soul.

Every night assault went on, here to a goddess who lost.

I do remember when she said “No”,

Her full stop was then a rewritten comma.

Her consent wasn’t her permission,

it became her yearn for supremacy a man could suffer.

I believe when I “a woman,” says “No”, a man thinks of nothing confidential,

it’s a “No” which means no approval.

A body that I owned would be mine to share,

And no vows meaning would be discerned

when I don’t want his touch.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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