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Bad choices

I picked withered flowers from my yard,

I was never good at making love choices.

So when I chose him it wasn’t something that I wanted,

he was a wildflower that attracted my eyes not my heart.

When I got blind, there was nothing

but darkness surrounding me.

With every bad choice is a consequence waiting along,

The love I pour will someday bring back me home.

Even when existence with desire ruins my life,

I’ll be my saviour, I’ll be the knight.

People do get terrible findings,

They do tarnish their life, but the one who makes choices,

Get something in life!

So when I chose love I do make awful preferences,

Someday I’ll find a diamond thinking it’s gravel.

You select even when the consequence would be difficult to bear,

The rain does fall with the sun,

finding the rainbow in summer.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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