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Lioness roars

To the one woman who’s been taken for granted her whole life, still manages to take care of everybody living while you are just settling. The day you’ll leave the place they say is a dwelling, it would be a house that felt like home which you made from your presence. In the case you’ve forgotten your worth, I would say just go and see yourself in the mirror and admire yourself again.

Wear your beautiful gown which looked stunning on you, when you were eighteen. Those wrinkles on your face, let them stay there to embrace the woman you’ve become. You have unfolded yourself in different ways, no other human would. Compromised in places where standing tall wasn’t a strong choice.

Every step of yours reveals a beautiful soul and a strong-headed person who knew what she wanted in life. Seeing you unsettling for things make me rebellious in a way that I feel like an alpha. You taught me that “Lioness roars when things go wrong, not when things are going.”

Some of you have compromised yourself too for love. I becoming a woman would never compromise myself over love. As you taught me to be loyal to me before those relations who would stick. I haven’t learnt your art of compromising, as I would care but won’t let them took over my life. As the dwelling that I would create would be of my companion and mine. Maybe I wouldn’t be a love so fine, but I would be cherishing my life. Every bit of it would be mine to be taken care of, every word in my book would be happiness.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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