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Unsatisfying me

Even when they knew I was no heel shoes,

they came across me and kissed my boots.

So I now don’t know what they want from me.

When I tried to change who I was, I tripped,

I fall and went back to where I came from,

cause dresses wasn’t my thing.

Why would I listen to the radio,

when I am all about the show?

What would I wear, who cares when I am not gonna show off?

Will it be cool to be somebody else lover,

even when I’ve loved before.

I wanted to be kind to the world,

why wasn’t it nice to her, the one with caring, she was humble.

Why wouldn’t this world go for pleasant at times?

I wear hoodies with long sleeves,

maybe I am just a teen.

Growing up faster, more like a disaster.

I was never satisfying said the people,

who took advantage of me being sober

Here I am, unleashing myself to the world.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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