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Ashes inside

Don’t come closer to me, I’ll damage you equally.

The way I’ve been bruised before,

between us there will remain some secrecy.

I know you wish to read my whole,

page after pages I change my role,

I become elegant, I become more,

but once you caressed me, I’ll be unknown.

I run from feelings you know,

those twinkling eyes would take my soul,

and I’ll be slightest all of a sudden,

you’ll be my favourite, I’ll be intoxicated in a way.

I fear human closeness,

my tears come to my eyes and ruin my view,

you will change someday, as everybody does.

I wasn’t an open book you’ll realise,

I have hidden mysteries inside while flipping

you’ll realise that my cover has ashes inside.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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