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Closeness that hurts

See mom I came from the war,

bruises you say I got four!

With eyes, all red and bloodshed,

I see you and him together again.

Warrior you said when I cried,

It wasn’t that bad, mom,

to be a child!

Why did you bring him into our lives?

We were a happy family,

I thought I would be fine when he’ll be there,

why did he come to my room when you weren’t near?

Touched me like meat, he said I looked beautiful,

I wish I didn’t listen to it that day,

now it’s terrifying to be called beautiful.

You said I am warrior mom, see I fought against the world,

I chose myself over those dark abuses,

cause you said: “he is your father”.

I believe you were in love with him more,

than that you gave you 9months to,

you go have a life, I won’t even ask you to console.

I’ll be the good child who didn’t have any childhood,

Kept herself locked in a cage, where there was just a window.

I won’t die, I want to live, I want to fly,

In the sky, I’ll be a delight.

I won’t utter anything I promise,

You deserve a man like him, happy to see you, mom,

with the one whose closeness was hurting.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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