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Craving characters to meet

Have you seen a movie?

Did you fall asleep?

Did you craved the characters there, to be in love again.

I waked myself up, thinking I was one of them,

Waiting with them to figure out their existence.

I wished for their tale to get completed with a happy ending,

grabbing my pillow, sipping wine,

sharing enough time to complete those lines.

Every word the character uttered had a pause in between,

that’s when I understood love doesn’t have to be a sentence complete.

It can be a word or two, a laugh that feels

like heaven with a perfect view.

I always wrote happy endings,

as I never had one, maybe the sun shines in the sky,

but comebacks to the land, knowing things are yet undone.

So when I see love in the character’s eyes,

I feel there is no one so wise,

to confide what is to be confessed,

but then they leave their buff in the middle of the finding,

they let things complicated, looking at the eyes,

I feel heartbroken again, holding my blanket, I cry.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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