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You’ll be remembered

I won’t forget you don’t worry,

near the fireplace, I’ll remember your outrage, looking at the flame.

Recalling all the yelling and screaming, I won’t cry,

as you were the commitment I don’t wanna try.

I don’t want a love that comes with compromise,

as I am concerned about myself than anyone beneath the sky.

You’ll be remembered in the darkest nights

when the moon will show me the path that wouldn’t feel right.

I’ll hold somebody’s hands too,

looking at his eyes, I won’t remember you then,

my present would be better than

what I had thought when I was yours and you were mine.

I’ll see him and feel what I’ve lost was never too precious,

It was me who made everything so glorious.

You’ll be remembered as regret,

you’ll be there in my memories too,

I’ll see your face and smile

Remember of all my childhood

that was nothing but a waste of time.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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