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The one with a restless mind I know your struggles at night.

When the moon gets up in your mind,

telling you the purpose of your life.

The birds that keep creeping in your ears

are here to arouse you from your past.

Leave before it will be too late to recover,

sleep before the moon gets its lover.

In the end, you’ll remain alone,

searching in the books, pages that makes you feel at home.

Jotting down memories of you and those people

who aren’t there in your present,

when you need them the most.

Restless nights would end soon,

my love, have to be your moon.

Shining for yourself in the twilight,

as there is nothing forever lasting,

as unconditional love is a myth.

And the sun will be gleaming seeing your beauty

you’ve made yourself out of the blues.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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