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I’m a naked soul, that’s been awakened

in nights for so long, exhausted.

Why should I free myself from the trap that I’ve built alone?

With the moonlight and the sky,

telling them when to be heartless

and break the shell I’ve made.

Promises I hear, in the back of those who said they’ll stay,

are now just melodies with no words attached.

When people leave me, I think of myself as a commodity,

a human so desperate for attention

leaving me is my value after the work has been done. Useless!

Why don’t they throw me in the trash I want to know,

Why am I so happening for a few?

Why do they go afterwards?

When the heart knew things they wanted to confess,

They flee like there was nothing to be held.

And I become a naked soul again with nothing but flesh,

trying to be normal before the world could see me in trouble.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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