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No guy on the earth could tell you that you aren’t good enough for him or you aren’t the girl he thought you were because the sky when craves the sun it comes and when it doesn’t value it, it disappears after showing its beauty to the world and we call it sunset, my love.

People love watching sunsets, nothing more delightful than vanishing but I don’t want you to go back to the sky again. When you see yourself in the mirror while combing your hair with the grace that just a goddess could possess. Let no ordinary human tell you the amount of beauty you own when you worship yourself. The poetry you wrote on the back of your diary was filled with the insecurities that you had for yourself and it’s fine. If you were too young to understand that rare is wonderful.

I hope those beautiful stars, does get his eyes as he wanted to see things that weren’t good in you and cherish the existence of those scars too. When you see him, your insecurities didn’t rise with his voice and you are satisfied with whatever is happening.

May you bloom with him, before withering.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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