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I lost myself

In the air of spring, I lost myself, with the utterance of few musings and a glass of wine, I declared openly before the whole world that I was fine when I knew, I lost myself before I could lose you. There was nothing more fascinating than the truth of being able to get something you desire when you were asleep. I lost myself to that thing.

Do you know what’s sob worthy than that? You not loving that thing when you have it. When you give yourself to get that particular creature, your beauty, your uniqueness and everything. The way that you gracefully carried your body when you change it for somebody and they doesn’t value it. You are done.

I lost myself and then I was done. I made myself a victim when I was born rebellious. I lost myself in the passion to be loved. Knowing that when you play with nature and its magnificence all you see is destruction. That what I became “A bird with wings for showing the world that it can fly, but couldn’t.”

There is no meaning for the uniqueness almighty has given to you and you just have it to show off to the world. If you are a wolf “howl”.

I lost myself to the world but this time for being a better version.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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