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A story

I’ll write you a fantasy of mine,

will you tell me your story too?

I am my saviour with a sword, wearing a white gown,

Will you be my Knight in the full moon?

I’m tired of being the only one fighting for myself.

I am an Art, will you paint yourself too

with the colours present in the rainbow?

Reciting my own story is hard you know,

will you hold the mic while I recite, and my hands too?

I’ll shiver with the words, maybe some tears I’ll drop,

A part of it would be happy, as it will be dedicated to you.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


6 replies on “A story”

Hello dear Ray.
“I want to fall in love again.
I want to find quiet place where love is safe and sound.
I want someone to make me smile and I would make them smile.
I want 5 am walks with them near the sea.
We would make sea-shell wishes and watch the new day being born.
I want to fall in love again,
I want a tender and fearless heart.
To make me believe. Love can be.”
Thank you dear poet. I love your work. You make me want to create.

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