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Shaping love

I will never forget how you treated me,

even when I gave you my heart, you didn’t even saw it coming.

I am so done with people who treat me like an option,

I am beautiful chaos, and you don’t know how it is to be done.

So let me show you how sin is committed

I am so much bored with feeding the soul of others.

The Queen need some wisdom,

so I’ll give me the love I craved every time.

You know peace is where I am at,

even when you’ll see around me

you’ll feel everything is right.

I made myself with the pieces they said I could never fix,

you can see that I am in beautiful shape.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


5 replies on “Shaping love”

Yes. I’ve felt that pain of losing people that I loved. But those memories are there in my poetry “Alive”. I don’t miss them, I just miss the feeling of being loved. When a human allows you in, you are blessed, equally. All I know is everybody is blessed, in love or life.

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Dear Ray. Love is when someone only wish is to see you smile. Love is when someone want to hear your voice and do midnight dances by the sea. When we share our love. We must know the person. More thieves than honest people. I am a old man now and I know. When a woman allowed you in. You were blessed. Thank you dear poet for sharing the amazing poetry.

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