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Hey, do you know what am I best at? Turning off emotions that I once had for someone while turning off myself too. I can feel a hundred things for someone and will let things leave. Maybe that why I’ve become so heartless. I do want things to be in a certain way but when it comes to hurting my feeling I won’t let somebody come so close to me either. I want clouds in my sky, but I bring the sun when they disclose that there will be a downpour in the daytime. I don’t want people to know what is going in my head, but I speak. Without uttering a word, with my eyes, I speak.

Where do I go with so many emotional breakdowns I don’t know? So much hurt that even when somebody tries to save me, I ask them to go. Before I could see that care. I looked after people since I was 9. Loving it as it felt like delight but people do take that for granted as well. Good things happening to me fades away with the night. People I care about leaves me as if it was for just a matter of time. I am left broken and betrayed. Dealing with everything with a sword in my hand. But till when? I don’t want myself to be saved by someone or to save someone either. I am a butterfly, never can be caged by anybody human. Why do we need people to rescue us every time? Why is everybody other than us our saviour?

-Riya Shah

By Ray


5 replies on “Saviour”

Yes, love to make us vulnerable. Suffering in love is a part we can’t omit. I am already healed, as I am surrounded by the trees. Just here to heal others too. Thank you so much sir for your kind words. I feel overwhelmed knowing that you are enjoying my poetry. ❤

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Hello dear Ray.
“I am a butterfly, never can be caged by anybody human. Why do we need people to rescue us every time? Why is everybody other than us our saviour?”
I have been saved often and I saved many. We need someone to tell us. We are okay and we are not alone dear poet. All of us need a safe place to release our sadness. Sometimes the sea, the lake is the healer. Oldest, truest and saddest saying. “Love will make us weaker. When we love someone. They become a part of us and when we lose them. Our heart will suffer. Thank you dear friend for sharing your amazing poetry and your thoughts.

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