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Exhale suffering

cause holding into those memories would make you suffer more.

And if you can’t, you have to understand,

that letting go is a sign you’ve left already.

Stars won’t beg you for loving someone who doesn’t earn it,

your heart reflects the beauty you are don’t let them mess with it.

Exhale every trauma that you’ve been through,

those ashes of the burned ones

that aren’t alive in this realm of yours.

The hands-on your body, exhale them too,

as those marks aren’t letting you go.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


5 replies on “Exhale suffering”

Yes sir. Sometimes in life, you find someone who isn’t right for you but you want them so badly that you hurt yourself. Loving can be hard but getting that love back is harder. This year I’ve learned that love comes to you, you don’t have to search for it in places, people or things. When you love yourself, you attract love.

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Hello dear Ray. I loved the photos and your words dear poet. I agree, never give love to someone who don’t deserve your love. Love should be two people finding same place and wanting the same things. Can happen my friend.

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