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Goddess inside

She let every him in, her body wasn’t admired,

like a canvas that was ruined before.

Brush that poked her, damaged her

like a knife that was just there to cut.

Held many hands at night, she was left when the things were done.

It wasn’t her choice to be there, to live,

to survive in a place that wasn’t her chosen world.

But when he looked into her eyes,

he saw discomfort, of letting everybody touch her,

a flower that was in somebody’s garden has survived

even when it wasn’t favourable.

Asked her to cover her up, with all that she had,

she took her moms stole and said I am done.

Where were you all the time, she looked at him with love,

The guilt in his eyes showed,

he so wanted her to breathe the air that was missing in her life

Suffocation that hit her so hard that made her lose her kind,

And from the age of fifteen, she lost the goddess that was inside.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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