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Chosen bird

Do you know what’s the value of love that has been taken for granted?

Enough to be selfish about yourself,

you aren’t a commodity to be sold, my love.

Your love doesn’t have to be valued by others, you being the birds.

When they asked her for dowry, she was numb,

that’s when she understood for him it was all about fun.

Her legs shivered in pain, where were those eyes, telling her she’ll be safe.

Burned her body each part of it now had a scar,

affection didn’t have a price,

there was just greed you couldn’t uncover.

Fought against her kin, when they asked her to leave,

crying for that past, for her, he was sin.

That’s when I realised, desire could easily turn into avarice.

No, the deity wasn’t worshipped, each day she was assaulted,

they told her that’s what she deserved.

The sky wasn’t red, like the days she fell for him,

it was black and haunting, every night was a terror.

Those butterflies then turned into cramps,

where would she go when he was chosen,

Love didn’t last, dead for her.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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