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I am the raindrop stuck in your leaves,

will you let me go or hold up till I could breathe?

I won’t leave your place, but if I do will you be able to see me slip.

I am easy to share, with the clouds, I won’t share,

you with the land even if I have to admit.

That there is nothing much more beautiful in the world

to be closer to someone like you,

pleasured in your arms than to fall for the woods.

Undoing what I did wrong in the first place,

to be able to have something I could hook.

There are millions of fantasies in my world,

would you be fine falling with me, when I weaken,

I’ll stand up even when things don’t get my way,

inside there is a wander craving everything in her book.

She read fairytales in her never-ending nights,

rehearse being a princess, even without a knight.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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