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When it comes to me, I like to thank people who does little things for me. I thank them with my heart as I am grateful to each one of them. Little things in life matter a lot. God has given us so much, we should be thankful to him before sending him a list and telling him that we want more. Trust me we don’t. Humans can’t be satisfied. We’ll be always asking him for things that we won’t value after he grants us.

Let almighty do his things either. The best he has written in our fairy tale. Maybe the lover you asked him to give isn’t worth your love. So trust his giving. Whatever he gives you be grateful for that. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t ask for things that matter to you. You should but trust every path he asks you to walk on. Affirm daily!

When I say this I want you to believe in the law of attraction, my love. Speak when you want, say it out loud and trust me it will be yours. Believe in your potential. You are your superhero. Every walk of yours is judged by none but you. So make it worth remembering. I want you to understand that being something and wanting to be something has a slight difference and that isn’t your desire. It’s hard work.

The Law of attraction doesn’t mean attracting things that you want and fantasising about it. You have to get up and get it for yourself while the universe helps you. Some people just affirm and think that they’ll receive everything. No, the process is that you have to work for it to have it and after you have it, be grateful for it. Gratitude is beautiful.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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