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Prepared for love

I’ve protected you even when my dad told me

I was the one who’ll be safeguarded by every person in my life.

For him, I am a delicate flower, he nurtured me even in the sun,

when his shoulders were burning.

Being your protector I believe, I lost my innocence.

How should I relearn the process of growing?

Why did you change me, to be someone who was maturely handling?

Too much connected, I thought you were mine to be taken care of,

little did I knew choosing you over me, wasn’t something huge.

I was kept like a deity in my home, you see,

I let my guards down just to be easy for you to reach.

Made me the tree you could sit beneath,

Threw flowers at you, cherished your bitterness,

You weren’t prepared for a girl like me.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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