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Fantasies of fairytale

I never wished for it to end, but when it did I wanted to be happy.

As people go from life like nothing was there from the beginning.

You stayed for a long time, and now I know the reason why.

People don’t have to say goodbye,

with tears in their eyes.

I would be wasted even when you haven’t tasted,

the vulnerability that I had within.

I would be cluelessly committing all the sins.

You saved me when I was falling,

all the love faded because then you said goodbye.

I’ll remember all of the moments,

in your paradise, but even when you are now gone,

I’ll be praying that everything would be alright.

Cause once you were part of my home,

I wanna be with you but it’s hard

to be with someone who hasn’t have me in their fantasies.

I have also read fairy tales, so I wanna be valued all my life.

-Riya Shah

By Ray


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